LWMS Extreme Team 2018!

We had a great first week! Our opening day assembly focused on very powerful messages! Firstly, we are all a team and we are focused on being the most successful team we can be! One of our cheers from Friday’s end of day Team presentations said, “We are the dream…the LWMS Extreme team!” Secondly, as individuals we need to focus on our goals and believing in ourselves- this can double our success rate! As well, we need to set ourselves up for success by ensuring everything we do during our day will lead  us to a successful tomorrow! (ex. getting enough sleep, good nutrition, family/friend time, outdoor time….)  Thirdly, we need to believe in each other. When staff and students believe in each other it can increase our success rate  up to 4 times!  We then made a rain storm together and learned that we have synergy when we all focus together on the same goal. It was inspiring and led to a celebration Friday afternoon, where teams shared their amazing cheers and the physical spelling of the word team. This celebration of our LWMS Extreme Team occurred outside Friday afternoon. Oh and we also had a pancake breakfast Friday morning…..the feeling of community was strong as the week ended.

The class lists are posted. We added a division as we have many new students.  We have three grade 6 classrooms, two grade 6/7 classrooms and eight grade 7/8 classrooms. Many written parent requests were made and our team tried to honor at least a  portion of most of the requests. The classes configurations are very tricky as we endeavor to create a balance for the needs of all. If your student is not feeling super positive about their placement, please remember that your reaction will affect their acceptance. The team did their utmost to ensure we have successful teams! Thank you for embracing your student’s placement and remember that in the future you can submit a request for the following school year before June 1, 2019.

Looking forward to meeting parents at the PAC Meeting and Elections September 10th at 6pm in the library. Terry Fox run on the horizon and Orange Shirt Day!



Welcome to LWMS Extreme Team 2018!

Staff is looking  forward to the year, supporting the traditions, community and strengthening established relationships and creating new relationships with all of you. We look forward to the first day together as a school community and welcoming our students.

We will have an exciting year ahead as we work towards the LWMS we all envision. Collectively, we have many years of experience and creative talents and the students of LWMS will be the benefactors of our energy and wisdom. We look forward to our year with optimism, confidence, and enthusiasm.  Please- let us know how we can be supportive.

Classes will be back in session on September 4th, 2018 with an early dismissal  at 11:15 am. Class lists will NOT BE POSTED PRIOR to September 4th, 2018 as our numbers are very high and we are anticipating obtaining another classroom.  For the first week, returning students will go to one of their last year CORE teacher.  (lists will be posted on the window and a bulletin board) Grade six students and new students will meet in the gym. THE LISTS POSTED ARE NOT THEIR CLASS FOR THE YEAR -THEY ARE FOR THE FIRST WEEK ONLY!

The first week students will review expectations and work on building team spirit. As well, we will be spending time on Numeracy. Once we have determined if any students have moved away and welcomed all our new families, the Director of Instruction will give permission to place students in their new classes. We anticipate posting the classes on Friday after dismissal. The rest of the week are normal hours of instruction.

We are looking forward to the year ahead and feel grateful to be working with your child and family at Len Wood Middle School, Extreme Team 2018!




Pleasant Valley Secondary School would like to invite all parents and guardians of grade 8 students at Len Wood Middle School to an informational evening on Tuesday, June 12 at 6:30 pm in the PVSS library.  Topics covered will include courses, timetable and transition to high school.

Please bring your questions to the meeting.

PVSS admin and teachers are looking forward to meeting you.