LWMS Studio Tour

April 14th: 6:30-7:30 pm



Curriculum Night and Indigenous Sharing Circle at LWMS April 4th at 6pm


Are you wondering about the new curriculum and graduation exams?
Or what about new terminology being bandied about such as Know, Do and Understand? Core Competencies of Communication, Critical Thinking and Personal Responsibility? How about Big Ideas, Content and Curricular Competencies?
YOU are invited to attend a presentation and discussion being hosted by our SD83 District Curriculum team at any of five different schools!
Please attend the session which fits your schedule and bring all of your questions!
Curriculum & Graduation Discussion Sessions

Food and Feedback

blackboard chalk chalkboard classroom
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Mr. Fazan and Ms. Brown have been hosting pizza and carrot lunches for a different class each week. The purpose of the lunches is to connect with each class and also to ask for feedback from the students about their year.

We are at that point of the year where we start thinking about next year. It is the perfect time to ask for feedback from our students about what they love about LWMS and things they think could be improved.

The feedback will be compiled and shared with staff as we work toward planning our 2019-2020 school year for LWMS.

The Food and Feedback started with Grade 6 classes and then will include the Grade 7 and 8 students.


Spring Hot Lunch Order form

Spring Hot Lunch Order Form

Pink Shirt Day Feb. 27th!


We are encouraging our students to wear pink shirts on Wednesday to support Pink shirt Day.   On Feb 27th  we will host a Pink Shirt Day Assembly. We are encouraging students to wear their pink shirts to raise awareness around the importance of kindness and anti-bullying.  As a school, we have been focusing on the  hurtful effects of gossip and rumors.  Kindness  and anti-bullying will continue to be a LWMS focus!

Tech Meet Up for Grade 7/8 Students

Our grade 7/8 students are in Salmon Arm at the Sullivan Campus to explore careers and businesses showcasing their Technology. It is a hands on field trip. At LWMS, we teach Applied Design Skills Technology through our Tech and Foods Program and some of our X Blocks.

LWMS Carnaval de Quebec


Parents please read the link below for information about our Carnaval on

February 14th!

Carnaval de Quebec website

Student Led Conferences

On February 12th, starting after school from 2:30-5:30pm in 20 minute time slots, students will be displaying their learning to their families.  These conferences are a chance for families to see the learning, growth and goals that their son or daughter has been striving to achieve.  You will see samples of work and be able to view their classroom and school in action!

PAC will be present, selling tickets to their big Fundraiser at the Royal York  Golf Club on Saturday March 2nd.




For some of our Grade 8 students, their first Exploration ended at the end of January.  The culmination of Tech was a self directed project. The students rose to the occasion.  A few examples are: Cassidy Munro created a box that locked by a battery. Parker Kitzman made a portable phone charger out of 10 lithum batteries with the capacity of 3400 Milliamps. Lucius McJannet made a hover craft the size of an ipad. He used a fan which he attached to an RC motor.   In Foods, students used phyllo pastry to create appetizers. Some were sweet and some were savory but all were creative and the result of great team work. Explorations allow students to focus on their Core competencies and ADST (Applied Design Skills Technology).


Grade 7 Assessment

If parents have more questions…please watch this you tube video and read the letter.  If you still have questions do not hesitate to contact the school. Thank you

mdi parent letter info sheet


Curriculum Minutes

Staff is looking at the minutes of instruction for each subject area. We are comparing the recommendations to our current minutes per subject. Staff are considering an increase to the curriculum time for the core subjects of numeracy and language arts, in particular. Our Numeracy scores as a district are needing improvement and we have focused on Numeracy in our School Improvement Plan as well. Staff has been doing professional development in the area of numeracy throughout the year and focusing on critical concepts in numeracy for each grade.

As staff looks at the minutes and increasing curriculum time, we will be creating a timetable to reflect an increase in curriculum time. We will present this information at  PAC meetings. As well, we will continue to write updates on our website.

Welcome Back Assembly

We hosted an assembly on January 8th to celebrate our successful fall adn to look ahead to the next term. In addition, we showed the video in the link below which focused on 7 Things We can Control. The video was inspiring for all of us.

Happy New Year to our LWMS families!

School starts on January 7th. We hope you will join us January 7th at 6 pm for our PAC meeting in the library.

We will be starting X-Block January 15th and our first Winter Recreation is January 18th! Please ensure your school fees are paid as well as your winter recreation amounts. We will be having an assembly to review our successful fall and to set up the next term for more Extreme Team Accomplishments. There were many exciting events that occurred during our first term: volleyball, basketball, No Talent Talent Show, We day, Orange Shirt and Remembrance Day, Halloween Dance and costume competitions, Spirit wear orders, Parent and Teacher Interviews,Door decoration and recycled wreath creations, Teens Count Too Fundraising, Toiletry Fundraising, Food Bank collections,  Report cards, Break Dancing Lessons……the list goes on…… We are looking forward to a productive second term- with a focus on academics!






Happy Holidays!

We are Having Fun!!!











We are decorating classroom doors and making wreaths out of recycled materials!

Band Concert a Success

December 12 was the Band Concert at PVSS. Our grade 7 students and X-Block Grade 8 students did a fantastic job under the direction of Mrs. de Dood and Mr. Majerech. It was amazing to hear the progress from grade 7 to grade 8. We had a wonderful audience for the concert as well. Good job musicians. You make us proud!

Break Dancing Lessons

break dance break dancer city performance
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A huge thank you to PAC as they are funding our Break dancing lessons which began on Friday December 14. Lessons will be in teams and  it is  a fun experience for our students. Dance is part of the Curriculum.

Hot Lunch Winter Schedule

The New Hot Lunch Winter Schedule is up. Ordering can start December 4, 2018. If you are currently a hot lunch recipient, then please go to the login box on the right on the main page. Login using your username and password.   Once in, click on orders (Winter Hot Lunch). Please print the payment remittance to be delivered to the school with payment. If you DO NOT have a printer that is okay. Just sent in your payment with a note saying student and classroom.

If you have not already signed up for your hot lunch go to


click “REGISTER”, Enter your school access code LWHL (case sensitive). Enter all personal information. Please choose a user ID that is easy to remember.

Once registered click on the profile tab to proceed. Enter child’s name, class and select “YES” to be included in the class list. Once in click on “ORDER”. Print off remittance (if able) send in with payment to the school.

The 2019 Winter Hot Lunches will be available to order from December 4 – December 17, 2018.

The first hot lunch day will be Wednesday, January 9, 2019.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school (250 546-3476) and leave a message for Ms. Leupin.

Thank you.