Class Reps Making a Difference at LWMS!

In December, class reps did a lesson on the power of being positive. They put positive affirmations on their white boards each day. As well, they also conducted an experiment with rice to see if there is any truth to the notion that positive comments make a difference.    Our experiments showed the ignore jars to be in the worst shape, followed by the hate jar.  The love jars benefited from the positive attention and comments!

In January, class reps  will be facilitating lessons to their class to teach about  No Name calling week, which is Jan 20-24, 2020.    Name calling hides  who we really are and so students will be encouraged to think about how they want to define themselves.

We will be targeting  all discriminatory language and the  word “gay” when used incorrectly.  Students will be able to add their name to a pledge that eliminates discriminatory phrases from LWMS.  We are pleased our class reps are bringing forward areas we need to  focus upon to make LWMS even better!