Student Learning Survey

On Wednesday February 25th we will be having our grade 7 students  complete the Learning survey.  All grade 7 students will be filling out the survey on this day. Grade 7 Guardians have had a letter sent home and we are encouraging all guardians to complete the survey. If you do not have internet access, please stop by the school and we will provide a computer.

The Provincial Student Learning Survey is unique in its scope, size and usefulness to schools. It gathers information from parents, teachers and students on topics related to school environment, safety, and achievement. The information is used for planning in individual schools and provides a district and provincial perspective. Early in 2020 the Student Learning Survey will be administered to students in grade 7 and  their parents, and all school staff. We encourage parents to participate in this survey, as the results are important in identifying and celebrating current strengths, as well as determining where the school needs to focus improvement. The surveys contain standard questions for the Province. .We appreciate your feedback. Survey link is below