Thinking of our LWMS Families

Over the Spring Break, life has changed dramatically and through this time staff has been concerned for the well being of our LWMS families and our Armstrong community. We are looking forward to reaching out and touching base with our families. A LWMS staff member will be in touch Tuesday or Wednesday.

During the call, staff will be asking how your family is coping and whether your family is interested in some learning opportunities for your children. There is NO PRESSURE to take us up on the learning opportunities… is an invitation. The invitation comes without judgement, as we know for some families nothing needs to be added to the plate. You may decide just to have us call a few times a week to check in, or you may decide to have learning opportunities available each week or you may decide you don’t want either option.  Whatever your wish, we can accommodate!            

There are always hidden gifts that we receive during difficult times and we are hoping you are looking for them! For us these precious gifts are more family time, time and energy to do projects around the home and time to do activities that usually life’s hustle and bustle curbs. You are a part of the LWMS Extreme Team and we are looking forward to reconnecting and supporting each other through this difficult time. We will travel through this uncharted territory together! We can do this Extreme Team!