Home Learning Resources- Week Two

Each week we will be sending home the base learning activities for our LWMS students. These base activities will provide 5 hours of learning per week. The activities are broken down into each day of the week and cover Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Well Being.  The activities will be posted on the windows at the front of  the school, emailed in a newsletter each week and will be posted on our website.

If your family requested additional home learning  resources, these will be sent out upon request but we want to move slowly. We do not want to overwhelm our families or ourselves. #keep it simple   These extra resources will be sent by your classroom teachers, when the families and staff feel the time is right.

In tough times there are always hidden gifts….enjoy the gift of learning with your child!

Week 1 Home Learning Resources – Middle (April 6 – 10)

Week Two HLR Grade 6

Week Two HLR Grade 7

Week Two HLR Grade 8