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Mrs. Baker’s Math Class

 Monday April 20thProblem of the Week link: https://sd83.bc.ca/math-problems-of-the-week/  
Tuesday April 21th  A group of friends wanted to buy a birthday cake that costs $20.00 for their friend Kayla.  Jon has $2.50, Lilly has $5.00, Bree has $10.00 and Triniti has $2.50.  Do they have enough money to buy the cake?   Tomorrow the cake will be on sale.  It will be half price!  What would the cost be?  How much should each friend contribute?
Wednesday April 22th“Would You Rather?”  Consider both options given below and decide which you would choose.  Explain your reasoning and your mathematical thinking.   You could buy one dozen cupcakes for $5.00 Or You could buy 2 packages of 6 cupcakes for $3.00 each.   Which is a better deal? Why?   Shyanna is making custom cupcakes with unique decorations.  She sells them for $2.00 each.  How much will 6 cupcakes cost?  How much will a dozen cost?
Thursday April 23thDakota’s family lives 3 kilometers away from town.  They had to make 6 trips in their truck to town and back this week.  How many kilometers did the truck travel in total this week?   (Strategy suggestion:  try drawing it out)   It takes 5 minutes to drive 3 kilometers.  How long did they spend driving this week? Owen rode his bike 3 kilometers  to town and then 3 kilomenters home again.  It takes him 5 minutes to ride 1 kilometer.  How long did Owen spend biking?
Friday April 24thFun Friday game link: http://sd83.bc.ca/family-math-games/