Class Placement for 2020-2021

Placement of students in classes is dependent upon a number of considerations.  Staff will be meeting during the month of June, working on placement of students into different classrooms. In placing students, the following considerations are taken into account:

High Priority

Instructional groupings

Class composition including special needs/requirements

Social/cultural issues (independence, interactions, leadership)

Behavioral/social issues

Diversity in development (academic, social, emotional)


Middle Priority

Groupings in previous years

Dominant grade composition

Physical/social maturation

Learner style

Siblings and relations


Lower Priority (but still important)


Teacher-learner compatibility

Class size (room to accommodate new students)


Any requests regarding the placement of your child for the upcoming year needs to be in writing to the Principal, Denise Moore, by May 31st.  In some instances, you will be asked to come in for an interview or you may be contacted by phone for more information.  In your letter, please identify the educational reason for your request (see above).  The reasons you provide are important, as we use them to assist as part of the above criteria in placing your child.

The school staff will take every aspect into consideration when placing students from year to year.  Notwithstanding, the opportunity is available for parents to meet with me to discuss placement for the coming year.  The final decision regarding student  placement rests with the school principal.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.