Remembrance Day

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We will be hosting a virtual assembly on November 10, 2020. Each classroom teacher will do a pre-lesson. consisting of students viewing Remembrance Day videos and writing down the powerful images or thoughts that speak to them during the activity. Each student will then use this information to write a message to our local Legion to thank them for their service. On November 10th, each teacher will show the prepared Powerpoint presentation to their class. We have a veteran speaking to the students virtually during that session. During the morning, after the class Powerpoint, each team will spend some time in the gym, one team at a time. They will begin by weaving through a gallery walk of pictures from WW1. Then they will stand in a horseshoe at the front of the gym to hear the last post and réveil. The class will put their class thank you card by the front memorial display and then listen to a powerful song before exiting the gym. We will deliver the thank you cards to our local Legion following the ceremony. We hope that this will be a meaningful set of respectful remembrance experiences for our students.