Grade 5 Transition Information

We are so excited to meet, welcome and spend our days with our new LWMS Grade 6 students!!!  With our current situation, we tried to bring our staff, building and LWMS spirit to each of you! Take care of yourself and see you soon!


For a Virtual Tour of the school, and to meet some of our staff, please click on the video link, below.


For a look at the structure of LWMS, please click on the link below.

Middle SChool 101


For information on Band, please read the letter bellow!

Concert Band at Len Wood Middle

Logo Update

Congratulations to Emmy B! When voting closed, Emmy’s logo design had the most votes:

Thanks so much to the four students who submitted logo designs. We are in the process of reaching out to a professional graphic designer to work with Emmy to create a polished finished product. We hope to have the logo ready to put on our student agendas and calendars for next year!

It’s great to be a Len Wood Extreme Leopard!

Extreme Leopard Logo Update!

Time to vote on the top three logos we received.

Hey Len Wood students and staff! 

We received 4 entries for the logo contest.  One of the entries did not follow all the criteria, so we automatically have three for you to vote on!

Please click on this Link to access a voting form!  You have until the end of day on Monday, June 1st to vote for your choice. 

Once our Extreme Team Community votes on their favourite, the next step will be to submit the winner’s logo to a professional graphic designer to refine it so we can use it on team jerseys, letterheads, PE strip, etc.  Our winner will receive this year’s yearbook as a prize, plus the prestige of being the creator of the Len Wood logo for years to come!

The winner will be announced next week!

Here are your choices: