Wellness Project: Speaker #2 Dr. Sean Larsen

On Monday and Tuesday, October 25 and 26, Dr. Sean Larson will be presenting to our school on the importance of sleep, connecting to others and anxiety. Dr, Larsen is the second of three guest speakers who are supportinng our Ready To Learn intiative. We are focusing on having our students Ready to Learn so they can be Engaged to Learn. This month the focus was on nutrition and the 30 DAY NUTRITIONAL CHALLENGE has a few weeks left to go! After Christmas our second challenge will focus on getting a good night’s sleep!

Powerful Experience

With shovels in hand, the students of our school went to work Tuesday, Oct. 5, planting 215 trees adorned with orange ribbons — one for each child found buried at the site of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School.
Property owner, Barb Craven, opened the ceremony by welcoming Chief Wayne Christian and gifting him tobacco which he offered in the “four directions” as he gave thanks to the land.
Christian then thanked our LWMS students for their act of recognition. Students put into action the concept of being an ally. It was a powerful day!

FALL 30 day Nutritional Challenge

We have invited our students to start a 30 day challenge! It starts October 4th and runs for the month of October. Students are invited to do the following each day!

1)Eat breakfast

2)Eat a minimum of 2-3 servings of fruit or veggies every day

3) Make water your main drink of choice

Students need to get a parent signature on the days they meet the challenges. At the end of the month we will tabulate the class that met the challenge for the most days. The winning class will get a lunch with Mr. Hazlewood and Mrs. Moore! The challenge promotes our “Ready To Learn” and our Wellness Project!

School Photos September 16!

The students will be getting their school photo on September 16th. Here is information from the photographer.

Mountain West Studios links for photo and ordering information:The School Photo Day is scheduled for 16 Sep.
👉 Click Here to view “How to Prepare for Photo Day”. Please share this link with your students’ families and guardians for more information about Photo Day.
👉Click Here to visit “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) about Photo Day.
For further assistance, you can chat with us or email our Customer Service department at coordinator@mountainwest.ca
Thanks in advance,Mountain West Studios Ltd.

Band Information

Please see the attachments for information on instrument rentals. The links are for Wentworth Music. Our band teachers will also hand out paper copies next week.

Wentworth Information

Here is a link to our online rental booking form: https://www.wentworthmusic.ca/band-instrument-reservation-form/

Here is a link to our digital band rental brochure: https://www.wentworthmusic.ca/school-bandorchestral/