A Thank you to our Amazing LWMS Parents!

We wanted to express our Extreme appreciation to our parents. You have had to make the hard decision on whether or not to have your children return to LWMS. Whatever decision you made, it was the right decision for your family. Thank you for making the hard choices, whether it was to support home  learning at home, or trusting LWMS  with your children. Thank you for focusing on making sure our children are feeling connected, safe and secure.  We are enjoying having students back in the building. This building is just a shell with out the people that give it life. Take care….LWMS Staff

Optional Return to LWMS

Parents received an online survey to let us know if their child was returning to LWMS. About 1/3 of our school is returning. For families that are attending, we sent home a parent letter outlining the procedures for this new normal!  See the link below for a copy of the letter.


If you are considering sending your child to LWMS the week of June 8,  please read the letter and call the school , by  June 3, to register your child. If you are changing your mind and do not want your child to attend LWMS the week of  June 8, please call the school by June 3,  as well. Decisions affect busing and many other areas that require detailed planning. Thank you so much!  We are looking forward to welcoming back our LWMS EXTREME TEAM!!!

Parent Letter June 1



Optional Return One Day a Week to support On-Line Learning, starting the week of June 1

We are hoping our parents filled out the district survey so we know if you intend to have your child at LWMS one day a week starting the week of June 1. For those families  that did not complete the survey,  you will be contacted by a LWMS staff member on Monday May 25 to ask you the survey questions.

Classroom teachers will be setting a schedule so families know which day their child attends school. Parents of students on IEPs or ESW that are Tier One, who indicated an interest if having their children return to LWMS, will also be contacted to see how we can best meet your needs.  The completed schedule will be emailed so you know which day to send your child to LWMS.

Currently, staff is fine tuning a health and safety plan that addresses all the safety needs recommended. This will be sent home to parents, as well as, the site specific information for how the days will operate at LWMS starting June 1.

If a parent decides later they would like to send their child one day a week,  we need you to call the school by Wednesday of the week before. This will allow us to make plans and let you know the day that is available for your child to return to LWMS.

We are looking forward to having our school community access support as needed.