Code of Conduct

General Information

Lockers & Locks


Lockers are provided for the purpose of safe-guarding student’s belongings and are assigned to students at the beginning of the year. Students must use their assigned lockers to store their materials, including backpacks. The changing of lockers or sharing of lockers is not permitted. The lockers and locks are the property of the school and are rented out to students at a cost of $8.00. Locks are returned to the school at the end of Grade 6 & 7 but Grade 8 students keep their locks.



Each team will have an assigned bathroom. As well, we provide a gender-neutral bathroom/changeroom.  In each classroom there will be 2 lanyards with a bathroom pass. Students need to have permission from their teacher and have the bathroom pass in order to be in the halls. Bathroom breaks, unless an emergency, will not be granted 15 minutes after or before a transition time.  As an inclusive community, LWMS students are welcome to select a bathroom that best fits their gender identity but are expected to use the same bathroom all year. Gender transition decisions must be discussed with school administration prior to making any bathroom changes.  Students are expected to sanitize their hands before and after going to the bathroom. In addition, unless an emergency, students should not leave assemblies to go the bathroom.

Student School Phone Use For Phone Calls


The student school phone may be used during nutrition break, lunch and after school.  Students may use the student school phone during class time for emergencies only and it must be with the permission of their teacher.

Sign In/Out Procedures


Students are to either sign in when arriving late or sign out if they need to leave the school early. It is important to follow this procedure so that the office can track students particularly in case of emergency.  We are a closed campus.  This means that students are not allowed to leave during the school day unless a parent signs them out (physically or through a phone call) at the office.


Closed Campus


LWMS is a closed campus. This means that all students must stay on school grounds from the time they arrive at school in the morning until the time they are dismissed. As well, students are not to walk over to PVSS at any time and should refrain from visiting with individuals not from Len Wood along the fence line or in the bus area. Students wanting to catch a bus at PVSS are required to have parental permission and consent from school administration.

Lunch-Time Procedures


Students eat their lunch in their classrooms each day.  Each class will post eating time expectations. They remain in their classes until the 10 minute lunch bell rings signaling that students are then free to go outside.

Lost and Found


All personal items should be clearly marked. Students who have lost certain possessions should check the lost and found drawer at the office for smaller items, and the lost and found area downstairs for clothing. Any item of value that is lost should be reported promptly to the office.  Any unclaimed clothing at the end of each term is donated to various thrift stores in the community.



Bicycles brought to school are the responsibility of the owner. There is a designated area for locking up bicycles located near the front entrance. Bikes, wheelies, skateboards, long boards, scooters and other items with wheels are not to be used on school grounds.  Please walk all wheels on school property. Check with your teacher about storage options.



As a closed campus policy Len Wood Middle School requires any visitors to report to the office upon entering the school.  Signs are posted at the entrances.  Parents and volunteers who are working in the building are asked to check in at the office.


FIPOP (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act)


In order to protect the privacy and safety of students and their families, cameras are discouraged except under supervised use.  Pictures should never be published or posted on the internet without parental permission of the children in the photo.




Cell Phones & Electronic Devices

It is the sole responsibility of the student to care for his/her cell phone, smart watches (if used responsibly),  tablet, laptop and any other electronic devices like cameras, if brought to school.  Students are discouraged from bringing valuables including iPods, cell phones, digital cameras, expensive shoes and clothing articles to school.  Electronic items should be kept in the student’s locker during the school day including nutrition break and lunch time (excluding lunch on Fridays) unless they are being used for educational purposes under the direction and supervision of a staff member.  Electronics/earbuds/headphones go into the student’s backpack as soon as the student enters LWMS property before school. At the 2:20 bell, electronics can be removed from the student’s backpack. Cell phones can be checked for parental messages in lockers or under teacher direction.

Cell Phone Consequences (they must not be visible during the day)


  • 1st time – staff member will speak with the student and make note in an office file.  The phone will be brought to the office and if it is a first offence the phone will be given back to the student to place in their locker.
  • 2nd time –  staff member will confiscate the phone (and deliver it to the office or keep it until the end of the day.  Parent is called. Student may pick it up at the end of the day). Note in office file.
  • 3rd time – the phone is delivered to the office, held until the parents are called and informed, parents pick up the phone.  Note in office file.
  • 4th time – no electronics at school for the duration of the year.
  • Valuable items are brought to school at the owner’s risk; the school is not responsible for any loss.

Last day of the school week – Students will be able to use their devices during the lunch break time.

Parent Connect and Student Connect

Parent Connect ( ) and Student Connect ( ) provides online access to student data. Once logged in, parents and students can access…

  • Daily Attendance
  • Report Cards
  • Consent Forms
  • Transcripts (Courses previously taken)
  • Time-Table (Secondary School only)
  • Personal Information (Addresses, Phone Numbers and Emergency Contacts)

To Navigate in Parent Connect use that tabs at the top to find what you are looking for. For example:

  • Basic – (Contact and address information)
  • Forms – (Online consent forms)
  • Fees – (Your child’s fees)
  • Attendance – (Your child’s attendance)
  • Grades – (Your child’s current grades and transcripts)
  • Folder – (Your child’s report cards and other documents)
  • SendMsg – (Send an email message to a teacher)


*To access Parent Connect please see the following instructions.

*Toggle between your children using the “Student(s)” field.

*Use the “Password” button to change your temporary password to one you are comfortable with.

Parent Connect Instructions

  • Go to http:/ or go to Len Wood Middle School website and use the Parent Connect link under the Parent tab.
  • On your initial visit click on the “Forgot my Password” link. Then enter your email address and click “Email me my current password”. A randomly generated password will be sent to your email address. Use this password to login. (You may create your own unique password after this if you wish)
  • Select your child’s name from “Get Students” and then “Sign In”
  • You can now browse through the tabs at the top of the screen; attendance, send message to teachers, fees, report cards etc.
  • To complete online forms please click the “Bulletin” tab. Click on the attachment to the right of each web form to view as a PDF version of the document. Once you have read over the information, select your response and click the “SAVE” button. Repeat for each web form.
  • Reminder, if you would like for your student to have access to the WiFi at Len Wood Middle, you will need to go into the forms and give Parent WiFi consent and hit “SAVE”. (Your child must also go through Student Connect and give student consent for WiFi access.)

Due to Canada’s anti-spam legislation, you will need to provide consent to receive emails from School District 83. You will need to take care of this if you want to receive reminders about school photos, craft fairs, fund raisers, auctions etc:

  • To make your response you can find the form under the tab called “Basic”.
  • Click on “Basic Demographics” and then “Edit” for the guardian email address you would like to receive emails at. Select “Yes” in the consent to CASL and then click “SAVE


SD#83 Digital Citizenship Policy (Wi-fi access/computer use)


LWMS believes in providing students with an opportunity to develop and nurture their information literacy skills. In order to do so, we provide students with a network id for accessing both the school network and school WiFi.  To protect the privacy of student and teacher information, maintain the integrity of our network system, and ensure a quality learning environment, we must have and enforce strict guidelines for computer use.

Students are expected to…

  • Use and treat the computers in a responsible and respectful manner.
  • Protect the privacy of their own information and maintain network security. Students will keep their password protected and not allow peers access to their account.
  • Respect the privacy of other people’s information.  Students are not to use any other person’s login or password to access the network. Students also are not to access or attempt to access any restricted information on the network.
  • Use the Internet in a responsible, ethical and appropriate manner.
  • Not download anything off of the Internet, except for saving text files and pictures.
  • Not install any programs on the local hard drives.

Using the school Network and Internet in any way that does not comply with the above guidelines may result in any or all of the following consequences:

  • Loss of Internet privileges
  • Loss of all Network privileges.
  • Disciplinary action, including suspension from school.


*Note: This form must be completed by both the student and the parent, through Student Connect and Parent Connect, before the student will be able to access WiFi at Len Wood Middle School.




Student Responsibilities

Public Displays of Affection


Students are reminded that Public Displays of Affection (PDAs) are not appropriate for Len Wood.  Students are to recognize that as a public middle school, it is the responsibility of the school to ensure that all students are comfortable and not subject to witnessing anything to cause them to feel discomfort.  Some examples of public displays of affection include, but are not limited to, hugging, kissing and holding hands.


Attendance & Punctuality


Regular attendance by students is essential for successful performance in school. Any
time you know you are going to miss school please have a parent or guardian email
( or phone the office at (250) 546-3476 and leave your name,
homeroom, reason, and length of time, if known.
Students are responsible for all missed work during absences. Please contact your
child’s teacher(s) by email or phone to discuss any missed work.
If a student is absent for family holidays or for other non-medical reasons, the school
may not be able to make special arrangements for missed work and tests. Although
the school cannot approve such absences, the student should talk to all teachers, so
they are made aware of the absence. The responsibility for the decision to take the
students out of school rests with the parent or guardian.
Punctuality is a courtesy owed to teachers and fellow students. Students are expected
to arrive on time to avoid disrupting the learning of others. Students are expected to
remain in their classes until the teacher dismisses them (by a bell) at the end of the
day. Once a week, students will serve a detention if they have arrived late unexcused
more than once during the week. Letters will be sent out from the office to guardians,
if tardiness persists.
Students arriving late or leaving early must sign in or out at the office. To ensure the
safety of our students, students are not allowed to leave during the school day unless a
parent signs them out at the office. In some cases, parents may grant permission for
their child to sign-out over the phone or by providing a signed note.


Homework is assigned by individual teachers as a way to support and reinforce student learning.  Most teachers will require that the students record their homework in their agendas and have them signed by the parents. Use of the agenda helps to emphasize the importance of homework, maintains communication lines between the school and home, and further enhances organizational skills within students.

Dress Code

The North Okanagan-Shuswap School District recognizes that a student’s choice of
dress can form an important part of their self-identity. The guiding principle regarding
suitable student dress is that which fosters inclusivity and respect for others. Students
must not wear clothing which undermines the District’s commitment to safe and
inclusive learning environments. This includes:
• Clothing that depicts the use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol, cannabis, or any other
age-restricted substance;
• Clothing that advocates illegal activity;
• The wearing of clothing, insignias, symbols or adornments that denigrate or depict
hatred of a person or persons, including, but not limited to, clothing that denigrates
or depicts hate based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital
status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender
identity and/or expression, or age;
• Clothing which contains profanity, pornography, or obscene images
Where there are differences in perspective, all involved have a duty to seek common
understanding in a mutually respectful manner. Ultimately, the school administration
or delegate has the responsibility to apply the dress guidelines. If any person dresses in
a manner that contravenes this policy, the process used to apply the guidelines will be
confidential, educational, body positive, non-shaming, and non-punitive.
In light of recent revisions to the District’s dress guidelines (above), the LWMS dress
code will be revised in September/October, 2022. LWMS Dress Code for 2021-22:
Appropriate dress is considered to be that which: Appropriate footwear; tummies are
covered; undergarments follow the line of your clothes; best effort to minimize
exposing undergarments; opaque clothing over your body core (defined as the area from
your arm pits to 2” below your bottom)
In matters of concern regarding student dress, the paramount authority rests with the
principal, notwithstanding the right of appeal under Section 11 of the School Act


We encourage students to keep valuables locked in their lockers thereby minimizing the temptation for theft. Do not bring large sums of money to school and never leave money or valuables in the PE change rooms or in a desk. The school cannot assume responsibility for them.

Riding the Bus


The right to use school bus transportation is a privilege. Common sense and manners will ensure a pleasant and safe ride for all. For safety reasons, the bus driver has authority over the students on the bus they operate.  These drivers are to be given the same respect and courtesy given any staff member. Students who behave inappropriately on school buses may face suspension from further use of the bus system until they have a parent conference with the school principal.  If your child is to accompany another student home on a bus or get off at a stop other than their own, be sure to provide a note or call the office to make arrangements as a Bus Permission Form from the office is required.  Courtesy riders are limited to the space available on the bus.  If you have any questions concerning bus routes or times, please phone the Transportation office at 250-546-1922.

Permission Forms and Items Needed For School Outings


In order to encourage responsibility, we are requiring all forms into the office by the due date on the school event form. Forms handed into the office past the due date,  will not be accepted, except in extreme circumstances, as decided by the principal. All items needed for the trip need to arrive at school, with the student, on the day of the outing. Students will not be permitted to have items dropped at the school the day of an outing. Students on Individualized Educational Plans will have reminders sent to guardians, if needed.

North Okanagan Shuswap School District #83


Student Code of Ethics


Students are expected to become responsible citizens as they learn the connections between their rights and their responsibilities.

  1. Students are to be given the opportunity to learn and teachers are to be given the opportunity to teach without disruption.

Students are expected to attend class on a regular basis and to participate constructively in the learning process and in appropriate decision-making procedures.


  1. Students have the right to feel safe and to be treated with respect and courtesy.

Students are expected to treat self, others and property with respect, demonstrating positive standards of attitude and behaviour.


Student Discipline


Discipline is handled in a progressive manner.  The process begins in the classroom with a correction and/or plan involving the student and classroom teacher.  If the problem continues, the classroom teacher will contact home and involve the parent in the problem solving process.  If the plan or plans are not meeting with success, the teacher will consult with the school administration at which point the administrator will become involved.  Consequences such as detentions and in-school and out of school suspensions will be part of the process when students do not follow through with their plans.

Hands On –hands on play or hands on in anger will be dealt with by the administration. It is a progressive ladder of discipline. Parents are informed and consequences vary based on the intensity, frequency and if there is a power in balance.

Language– School appropriate language is required. This is a professional learning building. Parents/guardians will be informed of continual use of language not appropriate for school.

School District Policies




School District #83 considers being under the influence of or in the possession of or use of drugs and alcohol during a school day or a school sanctioned event to be a very serious offence.  Consequences include a suspension with a referral to the superintendent’s office.  This may result in a suspension of up to 15 school days for a first offence and a suspension from any school in this School District for up to one school year for a second offence.


Tobacco products are prohibited on any SD No. 83 property.  Students bringing tobacco or vape products to school will be subject to progressive discipline.


School District #83 considers the possession or use of weapons on school property to be a very serious offence.  The definition of weapon under this policy is very broad, and includes any item used in a threatening manner as well as more obvious weapons such as guns and knives.  Suspension with referral to the school board is immediate, and a student may be suspended from School District #83 for the rest of the school year (or longer).


Len Wood Middle School prides itself on being a place where students will feel secure from violence or from feelings of intimidation from other people around the school environment.  Any person who purposefully and repeatedly intimidates, either by physical means or verbal threats, or who violates the personal security and feelings of safety of others around the school will be considered to be involved in harassment or bullying.  Any student involved with harassing another student, a teacher, or any other person here, will be dealt with by the administration in a very serious manner.  This may involve a serious warning by the administration, and zero tolerance for any further behaviour may be put into effect.  If a student is responsible for further harassment or bullying, the student may be suspended and a parent conference required before the student is readmitted to school. If the harassment is considered serious enough on the initial case, immediate suspension may occur.  Referral to the School District may occur in any case.

Len Wood Middle School promotes the values expressed in the BC Human Rights Code respecting the rights of individuals in accordance with the law – prohibiting discrimination based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation and gender identity or expression – in respect of discriminatory publication and discrimination in accommodation, service and facility in the school environment.  The school will treat seriously behaviour or communication that discriminates based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical status, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation and gender identity or expression (prohibited grounds set out in the BC Human Rights Code)

Special consideration may apply to students with special needs, if they are unable to comply with this Code of Conduct due to having a disability of intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional, or behavioural nature.





Parents and students have the right to approach the school administration regarding any concern.  Students and their parents have the right to appeal decisions regarding school based student conduct; preferably in the following sequence:

  1. to the teacher
  2. to the school administration
  3. to the superintendent or designate
  4. to the school board


Problem Solving Process – Addressing Concerns


When you advocate on behalf of your child the way you express your concerns has an effect on the outcome.

  • Do your best to control your emotions, be reasonable and respectful. The less defensive people act, the easier it is for them to listen to your concerns. You can provide information that will help professionals make a decision that meets the needs of your child.
  • Consider the views of others. You may not agree, but by listening you will understand where they are “coming from” and where a solution might be found. When both sides are heard, it is easier to work together to find solutions.
  • Document your information. It is easy to get confused or forget. Jot down notes, record the dates of meetings, phone calls, etc. Keep copies of everything you send and receive.
  • Commit to resolution. Ensure you are working to solve the problem. Be honest with yourself and others. Plan how the problem will be solved. Think of the effect your suggested plan will have. Act in good faith; assume the best of others. Be both flexible and open-minded. Another plan might work or be even better.
  • Stay involved. Confirm action plans and arrange for follow up. Help to define reasonable deadlines for each goal and ensure you and your child are part of the resolution’s evaluation. If one solution is not working, try another. Plans must be workable