Division 10 and 11 – Tie Dye Tigers

May 25th to 29th – Message to Parents and Students

It’s hard to believe it is the last week of May!

We will be meeting again this Thursday May 28.

Grade 7s at 10am and Grade 8s at 11am. 

Please have a pencil and paper on hand.

Remember to check out the Len Wood Website for links to the Div 10 and 11 website, as well as all the other sites and information. 

Students are being invited back to the school starting June 1.  Please complete the survey to indicate if your child will be returning to the school.  Mr. Matthews and Mrs. Mason will then create a schedule of when your child will be able to come to school and will let you know.  We will have a maximum number of students allowed at the school each day, so please do not just show up.  The class time will be there to support and continue the online learning activities.  Students are asked to bring their own device and all materials they will need each day they attend school.  More information available here: https://lwm.sd83.bc.ca/

As always, if you need any extra support in terms of food, technology, academics or just personal connection, please contact one of the adults on the team and we will be able to help you out. 

Take care,

Mrs. Mason, Mr. Matthews, Ms. Lane, Ms. Graf, Ms. Garraway and Ms. Crerar

English Work – Novel Study

Week 5

If you need any of the assignment files resent to you, please contact Mrs. Mason and let her know. 

  1. Read the next 1 – 3 chapters of your book.  Hopefully you will be finishing up your novel soon.
  2. Complete your Reading Response Journal.
  3. Complete all assignments you may not have completed or handed in yet – Story Map, Setting Assignment, Vocab List and Crossword.
  4. Begin work on your Final Project (list attached).  Please let Mrs. Mason know what project you are planning on doing. 

Math Work

Grade 7

This week the grade 7s will be reviewing percentages. In this lesson, students will define a percent and explore the relationships among fractions, decimals and percents. They conclude by solving some word problems involving percents. Students can follow along, watch the videos and complete the exercise questions.


Grade 8

This week the grade 8s will be reviewing percentage. In this lesson, students will be working on fractional percents and percents greater than 100 percent. Some focus is given to where percentages appear in everyday life and how estimation can be helpful when working with percentages. Students can follow along, watch the videos and complete the exercise questions.