Division 10 and 11 – Tie Dye Tigers

June 8th to 12th – Message to Parents and Students

June 8 to June 12

Dear Tie Dye Tigers

Hi everyone.  We are all back at the school this week providing in class support of the Home Learning for those who chose to return.  It has been great to see all the kids and have a personal check in.

We are asking ALL STUDENTS to complete a self assessment for their report cards.  The form is available here or students can access it through Teams.  

We will continue our weekly meeting on Thursdays.

Grade 7 – 10am Thursday June 4

Grade 8 – 11am Thursday June 4

Social Studies

I am hoping everyone was able to get their novel study completed – or are still working on it.  I am going to assign a What in the World as a Social Studies assignment this week. The PDF file is attached or students can access it on Teams.


Mr. Matthews has attached word problems for you to work on this week.  Please see the PDF files for the problems and the answers.

Have a great week!