Middle Years Development Instrument

Grade 7 students will be taking the MDI over the next month. The instrument is provided through UBCO. On their website they describe the questionaire as …. “The MDI provides a 360 degree perspective into a child’s world of social and emotional development, perceptions of school culture and climate, peer and adult relationships, academic experiences and connections to the community. “  Parents received an email about the instrument. For more information please go the link below.


X Block

On January 9, 2020 the students spent the afternoon listening to our talented teachers present their X Block #2 offering. The teachers moved from class to class showing power points or bringing  samples of items to be made. Students  were inspired to consider the different  X blocks. Each student had a brochure to record their thoughts and we encouraged them to bring their brochures  home so families can discuss the choices available. Students will vote on their X block January 13. Some of the choices are guitar, outdoor pursuits, pottery, locker painting, dance, world games…..to name a few!  We are proud of this feature of our school!

Band Concert, Chili and Bannock sale and Craft sale

At PVSS on  January 22, 2020 at 5:30 we will be offering dinner for families before the concert. Our Indigenous Education department is providing chili and bannock for $5.00. Water will be sold for $2.00 a bottle and there will be coffee. As well, there will be a small craft display as well.

The concert starts at 6pm.  This concert will feature the Grade 6 students currently in band, the grade 7/8 bands, our choir and our Jazz Band. You will meet our new band teacher, Mr. Filipski! We are looking forward to this celebration of the arts!


Class Reps Making a Difference at LWMS!

In December, class reps did a lesson on the power of being positive. They put positive affirmations on their white boards each day. As well, they also conducted an experiment with rice to see if there is any truth to the notion that positive comments make a difference.    Our experiments showed the ignore jars to be in the worst shape, followed by the hate jar.  The love jars benefited from the positive attention and comments!

In January, class reps  will be facilitating lessons to their class to teach about  No Name calling week, which is Jan 20-24, 2020.    Name calling hides  who we really are and so students will be encouraged to think about how they want to define themselves.

We will be targeting  all discriminatory language and the  word “gay” when used incorrectly.  Students will be able to add their name to a pledge that eliminates discriminatory phrases from LWMS.  We are pleased our class reps are bringing forward areas we need to  focus upon to make LWMS even better!

LWMS Wins in Revelstoke

The grade 8 girls and boys basketball teams travelled to Revelstoke by bus on Dec 9th. Everyone had a lovely time and it will surely be a road trip to remember, walking away with double victories. The girls played first with a hard fought battle during the first three quarters. The Len Wood lady Leopards were able to keep the lead throughout the game and into the last quarter, finishing with a 48-42 victory over Revelstoke. Miriam Strykowski was the lead scorer with 28 points. Next the boys took to the court. Again a hard fought battle the whole game. Len Wood fell behind in the 3rd quarter to start the final quarter 16 points behind. With an exciting last 4 minutes, Len Wood was able to battle through the deficit, coming back to win the game by 3 points.  Blake Butler scored 23 points and Keegan Kardelis scored 22 points!