Happy Holidays!

We are Having Fun!!!

We are decorating classroom doors and making wreaths out of recycled materials!

Band Concert a Success

December 12 was the Band Concert at PVSS. Our grade 7 students and X-Blcok Grade 8 students did a fantastic job under the direction of Mrs. de Dood and Mr. Majerech. It was amazing to hear the progress from grade 7 to grade 8. We had a wonderful audience for the concert as well. Good job musicians. You make us proud!

Break Dancing Lessons

break dance break dancer city performance
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A huge thank you to PAC as they are funding our Break dancing lessons which began on Friday December 14. Lessons will be in teams and  it is  a fun experience for our students. Dance is part of the Curriculum.

Hot Lunch Winter Schedule

The New Hot Lunch Winter Schedule is up. Ordering can start December 4, 2018. If you are currently a hot lunch recipient, then please go to the login box on the right on the main page. Login using your username and password.   Once in, click on orders (Winter Hot Lunch). Please print the payment remittance to be delivered to the school with payment. If you DO NOT have a printer that is okay. Just sent in your payment with a note saying student and classroom.

If you have not already signed up for your hot lunch go to


click “REGISTER”, Enter your school access code LWHL (case sensitive). Enter all personal information. Please choose a user ID that is easy to remember.

Once registered click on the profile tab to proceed. Enter child’s name, class and select “YES” to be included in the class list. Once in click on “ORDER”. Print off remittance (if able) send in with payment to the school.

The 2019 Winter Hot Lunches will be available to order from December 4 – December 17, 2018.

The first hot lunch day will be Wednesday, January 9, 2019.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school (250 546-3476) and leave a message for Ms. Leupin.

Thank you.


Safety Alert

Today two students reported that a white car with a red and blue door and stopped asked if they wanted a ride. It was 2pm on PV Street.  They said the car was older. They could not identify if it was a male or female driver. Both families reported the incident to the police. We will talk to the students about the incident in the morning. Please review with your children for their safety. Thank you

Winter Rec Forms due November 30!!

Activity Choice Form

Our Remembrance Day Poppies


band-instrumentsLWMS Band Concert- Save the date!!!

Wednesday December 12th will be our Winter Concert and it is being hosted at PVSS! We hope you will join us…more information to follow! See link below for more information!

Winter Concert

Winter Recreation Jan 18, Feb 1 and

Feb 22!





Hopefully you received the Activity choice form on Friday. There are five choices this year. Step one is just indicating your choice…please do not send money at this time. Sheet 2 will be more information on the specific Winter Rec your student chose and a request for payment. Looking forward to the days!

Spirit Wear On Sale for November!

LWMS spirit wear, pull over hoodies, zipper hoodies and three styles of toques , are currently on sale. Students have access to order forms. We will place the order at the beginning of December..stop by if you need a form.

group hand fist bump
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Internet Safety Presentation

On November 15 from 9:00-10:00 students will be hearing a presentation about internet safety. The Safer Schools social media presentation will be offered to all middle and high schools in our district. This important topic is part of the ADST curriculum.

There is a parent presentation as well On November 14th at the DESC from 6:30-8:00 pm.


Remembrance Day Assembly

sunset sun horizon priroda
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On Friday, Leadership students will be hosting our annual Remembrance Day Assembly at 11:15 am.  legion members will be present as well. students have been preparing power points and a special presentation to mark this important day of remembering.

Lest we forget….


arts and crafts cardboard close up design
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We have received two donations to our breakfast program. The Armstrong Hospital Auxiliary donated 1000.00 dollars and Harvey and Jill de la Salle donated over 300.00 to our breakfast program. It is run by our own CEA Carrie Player- who DONATES her time to make fresh baked items every morning. We are so grateful for our generous community. Our breakfast program  is very well attended by our students.

Halloween at LWMS


Our leadership students have set a goal of collecting 250 canned food items in our WE SCARE HUNGER FOOD DRIVE! There is a motivational power point on our foyer tv and boxes around the school for the collection. We are very pleased to see our students supporting our community. Ms. Hamilton is the sponsor teacher for this event.


The annual Golden Dragon’s Dance is on the afternoon of October 31! Students are excited about this social event! Teachers reviewed the following expectations around costumes….no weapons, no dripping fake blood (dried), face coverings are ok but uncovered in class during lessons, costumes follow our dress code, candy is ok for Nov. 1 and 2 but the following week we would hope we can get back to healthy eating to promote learning. Thank you for your support!

close up photo of halloween decors
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Parent Night for Middle School Math


November 8th Early Dismissal for Parent, Teacher and Student Interviews

An email was sent to families that describes how to book online through Parent connect your interview time for November 8th! Students will be dismissed at 11:30 and buses will run early.  You can book times with your student’s Core teacher and as other staff too!  Administration, Denise Brown and  Will Fazan,  our Counselor, Doug Smith,  LRTs, Cora-Lee Baker and Andi Silver and our ISP Teachers, Trinity Southworth and Fresia Gamin. will all be available November 8th! Interviews are available from noon until about 7:30 pm.

X- Block

Through X Block students are required to take an ADST course (grades 6 and 7) or an Arts course ( grade 8) . X Block offers students the chance to explore three courses. Students will find out all three choices for X Block October 15, 2018. Knowing that grade 8 students are given their choices first, then grade 7 and then grade 6, as well as satisfying the required course, switching of X Blocks will not be something that occurs easily this year. We surveyed and carefully created the lists for each course.  We are hoping students will enjoy their X Block and if parents feel there is a strong concern then parents can connect with administration to discuss the situation. Thank you for helping your child understand the process and embracing their three X Block courses!

A request….could families provide Headphones for students?

If possible, please supply headphones for your child to keep at school.  With technology being such a large part of our curriculum and students using their own devices, school IPADS or school Chrome Books or our desk top computers…we are struggling to have enough headphones. As well, it is much more sanitary for students to use their own. Thanks so much!


X Block Starts- October 9th!

Students will be starting their first X-Block October 9th! This is a chance for students to be in multi-age groupings learning about special interest areas! Our staff have all chosen areas of passion to share …this is an award winning program.

Presentation for Parents and Students on Helping to Create Safe and Inclusive Schools and Communities!


Robb Nash Project

Grade 7 and 8 students will be heading to the Performing Arts Center on Tuesday or Wednesday to hear the powerful music and words of Robb Nash.

The Robb Nash Project is explained as …..It’s not complicated. We love playing music and we took that passion and used it as a platform to talk about serious topics that are often hard to talk about. We’re not afraid to talk about our mental health and how we’ve overcome our own struggles. We tell stories of hope and stories of tragedy, making sure to balance the two. We travel from coast to coast sharing this message and starting these conversations. This is our mission and there has never been a more important time than now. The website link is https://www.robbnash.com/  We are hoping this is a powerful experience for our students!


Orange Shirt Day


Our Assembly on Friday September 28th was very emotional and powerful. The guest speakers were Residential school survivors and although we had learned about the experiences at these schools- to hear the memories was very sad.  The students created their Heart Garden and we had the ALF and LWMS groups drumming. The assembly ended on a positive note- we have hope for the future. Here are a few photos!






September 23rd, 2018  Ms. Clinaz and Ms Dunstan  (thank you )  have been hosting lessons to help our students understand the history behind this important day. The  video link below  was shown and a discussion about the generational effect of residential schools followed.


In addition, students are making hearts with a message related to their feelings and these hearts will be put in planters to create a heart garden in our foyer. At 10:30 September 28th, we will be hosting the district Orange Shirt Day Assembly. Class reps will bring the hearts forward during the assembly. Special guests will be speaking including Chief Wayne Christian and Gerry Thomas. Our hope is to help promote the message that EVERY CHILD MATTERS. We encourage our students to wear an orange shirt and we will provide orange ribbons for those that want to acknowledge their support without the t shirt. Parents are invited to attend.

Extreme Team Fundraising for Terry Fox!


Students amazingly raised $1775.36 for Cancer Research through pledges and collecting donations. One group of energetic girls even hosted a bake sale! Wow! What an Extreme Team effort!  Mr. Inkster was our leader for this event (Yeah Mr. Inkster) and due to rain the actual run was postponed until Sept. 27th. Thank you to all that are volunteering to keep the run route safe for our students, on Thursday. Above is a photo of a bulletin board…students are dedicating their run to someone who has been affected by cancer and is in the student’s heart.

Hot Lunch Information!

Hot lunch form #1

LWMS Family Barbecue September 19th

Hoping all our families will joins us on Wednesday from 5-7 for Hamburgers  ($5.00) or hot dogs ($4.50)! It will be  a chance to meet our staff, other families, tour the school and also meet with your child’s teacher and team!   We are looking for volunteers to help out during the day for food preparation. (See poster) Barbecue

As well the Armstrong Boys and Girls Club will be present to inform about programs they offer. They also have a local food bank and they tell us the shelves are bare…..so we are encouraging families to bring canned food donations.

Looking forward to meeting our Extreme Team Families…see you Wednesday!


A HUGE Thank You to Superstore and  Saputo

We are so grateful to Superstore and Saputo for their generous donations to our breakfast program. Our breakfast program feeds many students each  day and is run by Carrie Player who is a volunteer!


Anxiety awareness


Parents, youth (13 years and over), school district staff and community members are invited to view the well known documentary “Angst – Raising Awareness around Anxiety” and have an opportunity to explore the topic of youth anxiety with a panel of local experts on Tuesday, Sept. 18 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.at the District Education Support Centre (DESC) in Salmon Arm.

Angst is a film that explores anxiety its causes, effects and what we can do about it. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health challenge, with age seven being the median age of onset, according to the World Health Organization. While anxiety disorders are highly treatable, only one-third of those suffering receive treatment. Everyone involved in the development of “Angst” has a personal experience with anxiety – from the producers to the interviewees.

To register please click on this link.

The filmmakers’ goal is to have a global conversation and raise awareness around anxiety. Angst features candid interviews with kids and young adults who suffer, or have suffered, from anxiety and what they’ve learned about it. The film includes discussions with mental health experts about the causes of anxiety and its sociological effects, as well as help, resources and tools.

Immediately following the showing of the documentary a local panel of experts will host a question and answer session.

This documentary is brought to you by: School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap) and community partners; Salmon Arm Daybreak Rotary, North Okanagan Shuswap DPAC, Shuswap MLA Greg Kyllo, CMHA – Shuswap-Revelstoke, and the Shuswap North Okanagan Division of Family Practice.Angst Raising Awareness Around Anxiety

Wentworth Rental Night


For those band students wishing to rent their instrument from Wentworth Music, a rental night is being held in the LWM band room on Thursday, September 13th from 6-8pm. Wentworth staff will be there to answer any questions about their policies, and students are able to take the instrument home that night.


LWMS Extreme Team 2018!

We had a great first week! Our opening day assembly focused on very powerful messages! Firstly, we are all a team and we are focused on being the most successful team we can be! One of our cheers from Friday’s end of day Team presentations said, “We are the dream…the LWMS Extreme team!” Secondly, as individuals we need to focus on our goals and believing in ourselves- this can double our success rate! As well, we need to set ourselves up for success by ensuring everything we do during our day will lead  us to a successful tomorrow! (ex. getting enough sleep, good nutrition, family/friend time, outdoor time….)  Thirdly, we need to believe in each other. When staff and students believe in each other it can increase our success rate  up to 4 times!  We then made a rain storm together and learned that we have synergy when we all focus together on the same goal. It was inspiring and led to a celebration Friday afternoon, where teams shared their amazing cheers and the physical spelling of the word team. This celebration of our LWMS Extreme Team occurred outside Friday afternoon. Oh and we also had a pancake breakfast Friday morning…..the feeling of community was strong as the week ended.

The class lists are posted. We added a division as we have many new students.  We have three grade 6 classrooms, two grade 6/7 classrooms and eight grade 7/8 classrooms. Many written parent requests were made and our team tried to honor at least a  portion of most of the requests. The classes configurations are very tricky as we endeavor to create a balance for the needs of all. If your student is not feeling super positive about their placement, please remember that your reaction will affect their acceptance. The team did their utmost to ensure we have successful teams! Thank you for embracing your student’s placement and remember that in the future you can submit a request for the following school year before June 1, 2019.

Looking forward to meeting parents at the PAC Meeting and Elections September 10th at 6pm in the library. Terry Fox run on the horizon and Orange Shirt Day!



Welcome to LWMS Extreme Team 2018!

Staff is looking  forward to the year, supporting the traditions, community and strengthening established relationships and creating new relationships with all of you. We look forward to the first day together as a school community and welcoming our students.

We will have an exciting year ahead as we work towards the LWMS we all envision. Collectively, we have many years of experience and creative talents and the students of LWMS will be the benefactors of our energy and wisdom. We look forward to our year with optimism, confidence, and enthusiasm.  Please- let us know how we can be supportive.

Classes will be back in session on September 4th, 2018 with an early dismissal  at 11:15 am. Class lists will NOT BE POSTED PRIOR to September 4th, 2018 as our numbers are very high and we are anticipating obtaining another classroom.  For the first week, returning students will go to one of their last year CORE teacher.  (lists will be posted on the window and a bulletin board) Grade six students and new students will meet in the gym. THE LISTS POSTED ARE NOT THEIR CLASS FOR THE YEAR -THEY ARE FOR THE FIRST WEEK ONLY!

The first week students will review expectations and work on building team spirit. As well, we will be spending time on Numeracy. Once we have determined if any students have moved away and welcomed all our new families, the Director of Instruction will give permission to place students in their new classes. We anticipate posting the classes on Friday after dismissal. The rest of the week are normal hours of instruction.

We are looking forward to the year ahead and feel grateful to be working with your child and family at Len Wood Middle School, Extreme Team 2018!




Pleasant Valley Secondary School would like to invite all parents and guardians of grade 8 students at Len Wood Middle School to an informational evening on Tuesday, June 12 at 6:30 pm in the PVSS library.  Topics covered will include courses, timetable and transition to high school.

Please bring your questions to the meeting.

PVSS admin and teachers are looking forward to meeting you.

Armstrong Boil Water Advisory