School Improvement Plan

School:___Len Wood Middle School                            Year:_2017-2018_________________

Principal:_Scott Anderson

Part 1: Learning Goals

Learning Goals Rationale Information Strategies Identified  
Goal #1: Literacy (Three Year Plan)


Reading: 90% of students improving by at least one Performance Standard (or competency level) by the end of Grade 8.

Writing: 90% of students improving by at least one Performance Standard by the end of Grade 8.




Reading and Writing are life skills and essential to communicating ideas.  The writing process is an important way to organize and express one’s thoughts and feelings.

Reading and Writing are skills needed across the curriculum.

Performance Standards data for Len Wood Middle indicate that writing is an area needing improvement.  This reflects staff observations and concerns.


School wide writes using performance standards twice per year.


Engage students more frequently in self and peer assessments.


Year End Performance Standards Data.

Report Card marks.


Regular school wide writes and collaborative assessment and planning.

Create simplified, custom, kid/parent friendly learning outcomes.

Create a scope and sequence for writing in each grade

Focus on writing in every subject.

Resources – Write Traits, Nancy Atwell, Write On, Writing Power, etc.

Professional development related to improving and evaluating student writing.

Goal #2: Numeracy: (Three Year Plan)


80% of students Fully Meeting Performance Standard by end of Grade 8.


(*Literacy and how it relates to math)



Numeracy is a life skill.

Numeracy is a skill that can be used across the curriculum.

Several assessments indicate that numeracy is an area in need of improvement at Len Wood (as well as the District).

This reflects staff observations and concerns.


Basic numeracy skills are in need of improvement (number fluency, confidence, process, vocabulary) before progressing to improving problem solving and other skills.

As part of the numeracy Goal we would like to increase individual student baseline scores by a “standard deviation” (WFAS)

Gr. 5 Performance Indicators to Gr. 6 Teachers

“Math Camp” for all students in place of X-Block for month of September.

Reinforcement of basic skills across the curriculum.

Use FSA Practice Exams, Van Isle, Kim Sutton and LWMS assessments to identify stage of development and group kids.

Use of the Real Game in all classes.

District “Big Ideas” document to guide all teachers.

Common Math Language and steps

Developmental Stages/Diagnostic Map

Fridays will be Review Facts & Word Problems Day


Story:  Examples from students and how the school will tell its story of learning.


Part 2:  Description of Process:

Please describe how the process used to determine your growth plan followed these five criteria?


Ø  Discussions regarding School Growth were held in depth over two Pro-D days and several staff meetings (Including NOSTA and CUPE employees.

Ø  Classroom discussions were held with students and also with Division Reps at Leadership meetings.  The results of these meetings were shared with staff at staff meetings.

Ø  Growth Conversations were held in lieu of a staff meeting so all staff members would have the opportunity to attend and give input.  Members of Splatsin Band, students, Central Staff rep, and parent reps all shared at this event.  Growth was also discussed at two PAC meetings.

Ø  Each Goal has/will have a separate committee to oversee planning, feedback and revision/adjustment.

Ø  Presentation options are still under development.